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Our #1 program

for HS Football Athletes 

SPFBA takes a holistic approach in maximizing the physical and mental abilities of our football athletes in order to prepare them for college football. We deliver the clarity needed to make the recruiting process more transparent for both athletes and parents.  Most importantly, we provide a high-visibility platform for athletes to gain exposure and get signed.

For Parents

Do you want to give your son every opportunity to be the best player he can be? Would your son working alongside other motivated athletes as they are coached by professional level coaches be beneficial for him? Are you seeking clarity and guidance on the college recruiting process and what to do? Is his personal development as a man and working with people you can trust to have your sons best interest in mind important to you?

For Athletes

Do you want to be the best football player you can be?

Do you want to play college football?

Do you want more training individualization than you are currently receiving?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions. WE CAN HELP YOU. CLICK HERE to schedule your evaluation.

Available for 7-12th Graders


Program Includes:


3x Per Week (8 Months Off-Season)
Sharp (Family) Membership
1:1 Zoom Chat with Kansas Pregame
SPFBA Swagpack (Includes hat, headband, shirt, hoodie, swag bag)
7v7 practice

Having a Sharp Performance coach “on retainer” available to answer your questions year round- priceless!

COLLEGE RECRUITMENT (We are not a recruiting service)

We provide the template and clarity you need to give yourself the best chance to get recruited. This includes:
College Prep/Recruiting Seminars (How does it all work? Why, How, Who)

NIL Seminars

Social Media Workshop with Sports in Kansas

1:1 Zoom Meet with Kansas Pregame

TRUTH Only YOU can get YOU recruited, but we can SHOW YOU HOW.



What this is really all about? The underlying theme of SPFBA is to develop mentally and physically tough, resilient young men who will become the backbone of our communities. Men who will become providers to their families and protectors of our Christian values and truths.




Hunter Kaufman

Tanner Hawkinson (NFL)

Nick Channel

Ryan Schadler

Kansas State

Hayden Gillum

Meshak WIlliams (NFL)

Carlos Emanuel

Josh Rivas

Jhet Burkhart

Elliot Ollenburger

Aidan Murray

Dylan Wentzel

Sam Hardin

Ian Nordell

Oklahoma State

Quin Stewart

Western Illinois

Jordan Schippers

Northern Colorado

Dante Jackson

Wisconsin University

Isaiahh Loudermilk

Iowa State

Jake Lattimer

Air Force

Kade Remsberg

Landon Moore


Justyn Stindt

Rice University

Charles Ross

UIW (San Antonio)

Jezel Parrra

South Dakota

Brendan Webb


Logan Horst


Pitt State

Nick Wuthnow

Creighton Sanders

Fort Hays State

Layne Bieberle

Peyton Pendergrass

Tanner Hoekman

Braden Archer

Hunter Budke

Harley Hazlett

Hayden Friend

Blake Sullivan

Jacob Schroeder

Myles Menges

Taegan Schoenfeld

Alex Winholdz

Dalton Kuhn


Braden Rose

Landen Urban

Taylon Peters

Peru State

Dalton Cross



Zac Walter

Caydren Cox

Drew Cunningham


Trevor Watts


Tanner King

Kansas Wesleyan

Brett Stindt

Sam Corona

Kedric Liggins


Nolan Clarke

Kyle Quill


Alex Barton

Nebraska Wesleyan

Logan Horst


Zane Cornejo

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