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Our #1 program

for Youth Football Athletes 

SPFBA Youth is available to current 4th-8th grade athletes.

SP Youth FBA provides Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) to ensure each athletes physical and mental abilities are maximized in order to prepare them for football, other sports and the game of life.

Life lessons 

We believe working with youth athletes is more than just training. It's teaching valuable life lessons that will serve our athletes for a lifetime.


Seeing our athletes progress from youth to highschool and college and beyond has been the greatest blessing we've received. Knowing we had a positive impact on these young peoples life and that they call us up after a Big College win or having success in their careers is the greatest feeling and a reminder that we are doing so much more than just building athletes. We are building our future, the youth of country are just as tough and hard working as they ever were, they just need someone to hold them accountable and show them how great it feels to sacrifice in order to achieve something greater at a later time. That aggressive patience is what we teach our athletes- grinding and working hard everyday and being patient enough to let the process play out. Nobody ever achieves greatness through instant gratification. It takes continuous daily effort compounded over months and years to achieve something special.

— Jake Sharp (Sharp Owner)

SP Youth Football Academy Includes

$150/month Package

• Position specific football skills training 1x/Week

• Sports Performance training 2x/Week

  (Speed & Agility, Power & • Strength, Mobility & Flexibility)

• Free Attendance to all Sharp Youth Camps

$75/month Package

• Position specific football skills training 1x/Week

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