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*Sharp Performance will strictly adhere to KSHSAA guidelines pertaining to private instruction at all times through the KSHSAA calendar (Beginning mid-August and lasting through Labor Day weekend).

The SP Trench Factory is geared towards building upon the foundation of elite offensive line play through strength and athletic performance training. The program is supported by the 4 pillars of offensive line play: Stance, Start, Punch, and Finish. Without performing sports specific drills, SP coaches will help build the athlete's kinesthetic awareness by programming the following emphases: core, pull, and grip strength; multi-planar plyometrics, functional/structural isometrics, and hip/ankle reconditioning. Following Labor Day weekend, Trench Factory will start building offensive line specific drill work into the programming to help athletes transfer their sports performance training to the field


Training athletes to feel comfortable, balanced and powerful from a static start amplifies their pre-snap recognition, abilities to reach their aiming points, and build leverage prior to the block.


Training athletes to move explosively from a static start amplifies their ability to reach aiming points in pass protection and run game assignments.


Training athletes to attain greater thoracic spine and upper body mobility, stability, and strength aims to prevent injury as well as amplify their ability to deliver an accurate punch and build and sustain leverage within their block.


Training athletes to build grip strength, hip/ankle mobility, and a high awareness of joint centration will amplify their ability to finish their opponent within their assignment. Sustaining blocks to finish is the goal...PANCAKES!

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