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WHERE Wichita, KS (Eat, Sleep, Train)

WHo We will have15 or less NFL hopefuls, working with our close-knit team of elite sports performance specialists.

how With unwavering focus and attention, we meticulously address every facet of your individualized training program. From speed and power, combine drill execution, position specific drills, classroom work (Wonderlic), and most importantly, your recovery.
United in the pursuit of a singular objective: preparing athletes for peak performance when it counts.

Chris Harris
NFL All-Pro Cornerback

“I trusted them to make sure I performed at my best on pro day. Being in Kansas I had no distractions, allowing me to focus entirely on my preparation and I ran my fastest 40 because of it.”

Bradley McDougald
Former NFL Saftey

“The program provided the family atmosphere and focus I needed. I knew I could trust them to help me shine when it counted at the NFL Combine.”

Arizona Cardinals

“Coming from a smaller school you get overlooked. At SP they gave me the same respect and attention as the D1 guys and helped me find the right representation.”

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• Initial Medical Evaluation
   Functional Movement Screening/Pre-Testing
• Strength/Power Development
• Speed Training
• Mobility/Flexibility
• Active Recovery Methods
• Combine/Pro Day Specific Position Work
• Nutritional/Supplementation Plans
• Psychology/Interview Prep/Wonderlic Prep
• Social Media Training


Available for use:

•Infrared Saunas
•Katsuu Therapy
•PEMF Devices
•Stem Units
•Vibrating Foam Rollers
•Vibration Technology (Vibe Plate)
•Whoop Readiness Technology

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jake sharp

Boasting nearly two decades of expertise in strength and conditioning, dedicating a lifetime to assisting athletes in maximizing their performance. His track record in preparing athletes for the NFL Combine and Pro Day is nationally recognized. With his extensive coaching experience and personal playing career, athletes training under Jake’s guidance gain a definitive competitive edge. Jake’s firsthand experience is invaluable, selected for Bruce Feldman’s “ESPN Workout Warrior” team in 2010 and considered one of the fastest athletes in the 2010 NFL draft “247 sports”. Aspiring NFL players and their agencies place their trust in Jake to help them achieve peak performance and realize their NFL dreams.

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clint vancuren

With a strong track record in sports performance coaching, Clint brings an unwavering dedication to helping athletes reach their full potential. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and two Master’s degrees in Health and Human Performance and Education, Clint has honed his expertise in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, and athlete development all while being a part of the Oklahoma State Football staff. Having coached athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA, Clint is no stranger to the highest levels of performance. His experiences working alongside industry leaders have solidified his reputation as a standout in the field.


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