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OUR GOAL is to provide your child the finest football instruction available and an experience of a lifetime at an affordable price.

NONCONTACT AND AGE-APPROPRIATE perfect for beginners If your youth football player is an experienced player or just starting football, this is for them!

SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN! This is why our Youth Football Camps are NON-CONTACT Learning Based. This is why Players are carefully grouped by age, ability, size, experience, and/or aggressiveness. This is why a professional Athletic Trainer will be on duty with medical clinics and hospitals nearby.



guest coaches

*Coaches may vary by camp.

syklar thompson

josh revis

nick channel

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sam burt


Date & Time: July 7-8, 2021

Location: Salina Stadium - Salina, KS

Grades 1st - 6th 

Cost $150

*Prices Subject to Increase Closer to Camp Dates.


Date & Time: July 13-14 2021


Grades 1st - 6th 

Cost $150

*Prices Subject to Increase Closer to Camp Dates.


A Message from Our Owner Jake Sharp

"This isn’t just a fun camp, yeah come out and meet the guys you see play on tv. It's about kids having fun in the context of football skills development. They are going to have a blast with us. But what distinguishes the SPFBA camp experience from others is being able to say...your athlete got better, got smarter, got anything we could possibly give them in 3 days to make them more prepared to play football and the game of life.

David Leonard head coach SPFBA

“Our camps are about making sure athletes are a lot better on Tuesday than they were on Monday. Giving athletes the confidence to achieve success, the sport specific knowledge they need to move up the depth chart. At the end of camp, if the kids only have fun, and haven't been pushed and haven't embraced the process, the struggle of improving, then I don't think we've done our job."

Position Specific  Curriculum

Quarterbacks — Stance, Exchange, Drops, Set-Up, Sprint Out, Play Action, Screens, Ball Handling, Option, Reading Defenses, and Field Leadership


Wide Receivers — Stance, Start, Release, Route Running, Cuts, Receiving, Blocking, and Reading Defenses


Running Backs — Stance, Start, Ball Handling, Ball Security, Pass Protection, Run Blocking, Route Running, Play Action, Screens, and Reading Defenses


Tight Ends — Stance, Start, Release, Run Blocking, Pass Protection, Route Running, Receiving, Ball Security, and Reading Defenses


Center — Stance, Snap Accuracy, Reading Defenses, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking


Cornerback — Stance, Reading Offenses, Anticipating the QB, Backpedaling, Executing Single and Zone Coverage, Disrupting Pass Routes, Shedding Blockers, and Tackling


Defensive End — Stance, Reading Offenses, Shedding Blockers, Tackling*, Rushing the QB


Guard — Stance, Reading Defenses, Speed Blocking and Pulling, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking


Linebacker — Stance, Reading Offenses, Rushing, Tackling* and Blitzing


Safety — Stance, Reading Offenses, Disrupting Pass Routes, Backpedaling, and Tackling*


Offensive Tackle — Stance, Reading Defenses, Protecting the Blindside, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking


Defensive Tackle — Stance, Reading Offenses, Run Stopping, Pass Rushing, Gap Coverage, and Tackling

Dress & What to Bring to Camp


•Water Jug

•Strong Work Ethic

•Positive Attitude

We ask that all campers please come dressed in athletic attire (Black gym shorts & cleats or sneakers). This is a NO CONTACT CAMP; therefore, no helmet or pads are required.

Each camp participant will receive


•Lunch (Wed/TH) 

•Camp team Photo

•Limited-edition SP Camp T-shirt

•Take home items from event sponsors



Your athlete will be taught teamwork, self-discipline, consideration of others and how to attain their potential on the field and in life. We will also stress the importance of achieving success in the classroom and selecting the correct role models and friends. Whether your athlete is an experienced player or just starting football, this program will be an experience they won’t forget.