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Head SP BBA Coach



Our #1 program

for HS BASKETBALL Athletes 

SP BBA takes a holistic approach in maximizing the physical and mental abilities of our basketball athletes in order to prepare them for college basketball. We deliver the clarity needed to make the recruiting process more transparent for both athletes and parents.  Most importantly, we provide a high-visibility platform for athletes to gain exposure and get signed. 

Move better,

feel better,

perform better.

SP BASKETBALL Academy Includes:

• Position-specific basketball skills training 1x week Off-Season

• Sports Performance Training 2x week Off-Season

• Recovery Training 1x week In-Season

• College recruitment services (SP will contact college coaches on your behalf

and shoot you straight with what’s really going on with your recruitment.)

• Sports Media promotion and features (Social media promotion, features with

Sportsinkansas, Kansas Pregame and others) 

• Free attendance to all Sharp Performance camps, clinics and showcases 

• Three in-state college camps (choose from KU, KSU, FHSU, PSU, WU, ESU,

Butler, Hutch, KWU). SP will cover your camp fees. 

• College Prep Seminars (what’s expected of a college basketball player)

• Parent/Athlete Recruiting Seminar (How  does it all work?! Why, How, Who) 

• Parent Seminars (How to be the best athlete parent you can be, mental and physical preparation)

• Placement and reference to AAU and MAYB club teams

• Film breakdown and review- 1 game per week in season

• Sharp Performance membership and SP BA Gear


Kody Campbell - Kansas Wesleyan 

Jacolby Poindexter - Barclays College - England

Maya Brewer - Wichita State - Cyprus 

Jerrick Harding - Weber State - Era Nymburk

Tamara Nard - Butler 

Carissa Beck - Butler

Camille Downs - UNCW

Ravon Nero - UMKC 

It just makes sense!

Do the Math!

12 PT Sessions with a Trainer  = $480 / Month

Recruiting Services =  $100 / Month

3 In-state Camps =  $150 Annual 

SP Showcases = $250 Annual

Annual Costs =  $7,360 

cost: $2,400 Per Year

Only $200 per month with CC Auto Draft

You save nearly $5,000 with SP BBA & get everything you need! 

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