August 24, 2017

The one thing that every athlete yearns for above all is speed. When athletes come to workout with us here at Sharp Performance they look for a number of different things but the main being speed. Speed is very tricky however. It relies on a varying amount of factors. You may find an athlete who has all the strength in the world but no speed and they don't understand why. Well if you spend all of your time in the weight room and don't ever sprint then how would you expect to be fast? There is no substitution for pure, sprints. A large amount of the time what is holding an athlete back from being faster is simply poor running form. Maybe they do not understand how to use their arms or drive their knees and that can be corrected over time. However it is much harder to create speed in an athlete that has never put an emphasis on sprinting. Speed can be enhanced in the weight room don't get me wrong, but if you never sprint then how would you expect to be fast? For any athlete looking to gain speed, come see us. Remember, you can't expect to be good at something if you never work on it. Sprinting=Speed 

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