Frequently asked questions

How do we get started?

Contact Jake Sharp at 785-643-3664. All Academy athletes will complete a risk analysis screening and in-depth athletic consultation with coach Sharp (preferably prior to participation). However we know with our athletes busy schedules that is not always possible. In the event you are new to SP and we cannot perform a consultation you will be asked to complete our new client training forms prior to Academy Participation by following this link- During your screening/consultation we will determine your athletes current athletic football prowess both physically & mentally. Following the screening we will discuss goals, expectations, what type of commitment is required for what the athlete is asking to achieve and then get a game plan to ensure we reach those goals! Please keep in mind SP is committed to delivering brutally honest, straight forward feedback- be prepared for honest feedback in your consultation.

Is it expensive?

SP Football Academy is an economical option for our football focused athletes to access personal training on a budget. Personal Training can be a big investment with National Avg rates of $60 per hour to see a trainer...even 2x a week requires nearly a $500 investment. To help athletes and families access high quality training at a more economical rate we have create the SP Football Academy. Athletes are able to gain access to our Elite coaches and trainers for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 and Small Group Training.

Is this just for football players?

SP believes in multi sport athletes and our functional training protocols improve performance in any sports. Football skills & drills will be emphasized but overall mental and physical conditioning benefits will be achieved to help athletes in any sport! All athletes basketball, baseball, soccer and beyond can and have benefited from the SP Football Academy.

Who are the coaches?

Coaches are comprised of former and current D1 players, along with HS and College Coaches. Notable Coaches Include- David Leonard (SP Director of Training) former Wyoming standout WR. Isaiah Barfield Former KU Football DB, Jake Sharp (SP Owner) former KU RB, Eric Clayton Former KSU O-line, Cale Sharp (SP Director of Youth Performance) Randall Horst Former Moorehead State LB.

Do we have to Commit to 12 months? What about when we are in season? Why year round?

We understand that you and your athlete are busy; modern life and modern youth sports ask A LOT from our athletes and parents. We also realize every athlete has a unique situation and working with them on an individualized basis to identify the best plan to reach the athletes unique goals is vital. To provide flexible access to Academy Month to month options are available for $199/ Month. However the Academy program is designed to be an economical ($160/ Month) all encompassing program (in season and out). In season workouts will emphasize the use of SP recovery Techniques such as Yoga, Stretch & Mobility Training along with the utilization of recovery products such as Normatec Recovery Boots, Vibeplate (Vibration) Technology. Committing to the 12 month program provides you 4 great benefits- Saves you money, allows us to be constantly be checking in with your needs (historically we lose contact during season), gives you economical access to a well rounded (no gap) annual training program and lasty strengthens your mental commitment to your athletic and football future. ATHLETES WITH SCHEDULE CONFLICTS WILL RECEIVE MISSED WORKOUTS THROUGH THE SP ONLINE TRAINING APP