Professional training

Being a better athlete is about passion, commitment and discipline. Our Trainers are skilled to evaluate and adapt to prescribe you a custom training plan – A plan tailored to your specific needs based upon your goals and athletic needs analysis.  

We train pro athletes with proven holistic-based protocols and tremendous individual care. Athletes often refer to training at the SP HQ as “Down on the farm”. This is because we have an "ATHLETE'S BEST INTEREST IN MIND" mentality. With our nurturing care, athletes feel right at home and know with certainty that we have their best interest in mind long-term.  Our drills and exercises are both sport-specific, and position-specific, as we believe it’s still important to teach even a pro athlete proper technique specific to their sport and position.


Our Trainers have experience training a wide variety of sports that enable us to provide our athletes the best possible training.