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Change the way you move with SP’s customized GO FAST Speed Development Program.  Master reactive movement patterns and get the the extra step you need to BE ELITE.  


We understand your desire to increase Speed & Agility and we can help. The fundamental advantage of being faster reigns true to nearly every sport. We believe a lack of speed simply reveals other issues “SPEED Opportunities” that trigger bad habits which results in poor change of direction and linear speed  Some of our most notable clients were once heavy footed, ran with poor mechanics and had no understanding of how to be FAST. Our knowledge and experience will make you GO FAST, one workout, one meal, one day at a time.

Do you lift weights but don’t gain weight? We can solve your problem. Our knowledge of bodybuilding exercise, diet and supplementation coupled with recovery techniques will ensure you gain the muscle you need to COMPETE ELITE. Results came fast with drive and determination.  Discipline will maximize potential.  What’s gonna stop you?!

With SP’s Sharp Body Weight loss and toning program you’ll lose weight and melt fat quickly! But that's not all- we will show you the secret to keeping the weight off and ensuring long lasting results!

NO QUESTION it gets harder to fend off belly fat as we age. But with proper guidance, you can outsmart those hormones and a dwindling metabolism to transform your health and body.  Our sculpting routines that you can do almost anywhere coupled with a custom “just for you!” meal plan are going to get you back into your skinny jeans and spring break ready!

Drop your body fat and excuses, build lean mass and look like the sculpture you always envisioned by practicing discipline by following SP’s customized Shred Plan and your body will have no choice but to change.

The sculpture is their- you just have to unveil it! Never again will your gains be clouded by a layer of unwanted fat. Our proven diet, exercise and recovery system for shredding your fat away is all about consistency- nothing good ever came in a hurry.  Balance and symmetry is aesthetic.  You don’t have to be the biggest or leanest to have the best

Follow a plan that fits your goals and schedule.  Everyone's situation is unique- With access to a fitness center or as little as a place to lay a mat we can create custom workouts tailored to what you have to work with. If you have the desire to BE ELITE.