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College Elite



This program was developed to bring the competitive environment and direction of a college summer program to athletes that are in the Wichita area for the summer. This is an all encompassing program, just like if the athlete were at their college facility. This will include a consultation and assessment in order to better get to know the athlete, their goals, injury history, and individual needs. The SP Elite


Football Program will put an emphasis on the following to ensure the athlete is ready return to campus for Fall Camp at peak performance:

Rate of Force Development

Improved by strengthening major muscle groups with the intent to improve the rate and synchronization of muscular activation.

Power Output

Developed by translating strength into high speed athletic movements utilizing plyometrics, sprints, and throws.

Change of Direction

& Agility

Athletes must be able to stick their foot in the ground and change direction as fast and powerful as possible while still being fluid.

Mobility/Range of Motion

Athletics require more than just flexibility. Athletes must have the ability to control and stabilize a joint throughout their full range of motion.

Nutrition Education

Your results are only going to be as good as your nutrition. In order to achieve peak performance your nutrition has to be dialed in to match your goals and what your body requires to recover and perform.

college elite football


7 AM - 8:30 AM

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