Football training starts the day after the last game.


Sharp Performance understands what it takes for the body to perform at its highest level. What are you doing to maximize your summer football preparation? To gain maximal functional strength, develop consistent movement patterns and increase change of direction skills? To prevent injuries and help you withstand the physical punishment of the upcoming season?


Sharp Performance can help.

With our Summer Football Training Program, you get semi-private sessions (4 to 6 athletes) with specific one-on-one coaching for your needs and position. Depending on your schedule or your goals, we can train you up to five times a week Monday through Saturday.



Our football-specific program begins on Monday, May 23 and runs until training camp begins on August 13.

3-day/week option:  $36/session ($435/month) 

5-day/week option:  $29/session ($575/month)


The program is designed for football players to become stronger at their positions and prepare them for the next season or the next level. A strong focus is placed on functional strength to maximize all aspects of performance training. This ensures we enhance the football and position specific performance capability of the athlete. 


Our program offers:

  • Position Specific Drills

  • Multi Directional Agility

  • Acceleration & Deceleration

  • Movement Patterns & Change of Direction

  • Transfer of Power

  • Full Body Strength Training

  • Muscle Endurance & Injury Prevention

  • Flexibility & Mobility

  • Athlete Needs Analysis

  • Pre-Habilitation

  • Speed Mechanics

  • Verified Testing



Sharp Performance Elite: 7 on 7
The purpose of the SP Elite team is to get athletes directly in front of college coaches.
The SP Elite 7 on 7 team will compete again at the top 7 on 7 tournament’s/showcases across the state this summer. 


Members of the SP Elite team will receive an official SP Elite jersey, SP online athlete profile, and receive coaching from the Sharp Performance coaching staff. 


SP takes great pride in giving honest feedback to college coaches and recruiters about prospective athletes. This is why we offer our athletes the opportunity to create online profiles.  This includes- verified baseline testing results, game statistics, workout and game film, and SP athlete comments.
Tryouts and Location: Sharp Performance
Cost: $50/tryout; $250/if roster spot earned
Eligible athletes: Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (must be currently enrolled)